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Mortgage Apartment

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The main disadvantage for who took a mortgage for an apartment – attachment 10 – 25 years, bought a shelter, until such time as laid flat in the bank. In life anything can happen – can be a rib issue urgent sale of the apartment (divorce, desire to buy an apartment larger area, refinancing – selling redita drugshomu lender ). In deciding whether immediate sale of the mortgage apartment should consider factors mattered: to sell the apartment is only possible with the consent of the bank, this protsedaura complicated and time consuming. The first step is to consult your bank officer, the conditions under which the bank agrees to sell the apartment (uityvayte that bank in such cases, the principal, and you are an asylum). Negotiating the sale of an apartment can only be fought when to lift the moratorium on prepayment. Bank staff will ascertain the cause of foreclosure apartment because they will approve you as the original debtor, and went on some labor costs, assess their risks assessed your ability to pay. The Bank is not interested to evaluate the new borrower.

The Bank must require the buyer and the seller sign a notarized tentative agreement allowing the buyer to go to court with a claim of coercion to a contract of sale flats. Must be prepared to that this process will take quite a long time. The Bank undertakes the transaction, giving his cell by contacting the Registration Service. The buyer brings the money to repay the loan in a cell depository this particular bank, and the difference between the agreed sale value of housing and the amount of the loan is laid in another depository cell at normal conditions of purchase and sale of apartments. To know more about this subject visit Greenberg Traurig. After that, the bank provides a Registration Service notified that the loan is repaid, the mortgage passes, and there is a common registration of the transaction and transfer of rights described in the first scheme. The difference between the amount of cash purchases and the amount of sales Apartments you get from a cell bank after registering the transaction. but! Difficulties may arise if you are not asked in advance as a leading bank with the debtors. Not a few banks denied the debtors to sell the apartment themselves, and immediately present their properties at auction for resale value.


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