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Looking for a charming, crisis-proof investment opt for real estate more and more people who want to save his money on the account, burns assets. As for day and time deposit interest rates are as low as around twenty years no longer. Daily available day money banks on average pay for only 0.98 percent interest a year. Savers lose money currently after deduction of taxes and inflation 1.5 percent. The trend for day and time deposit interest rates further down. Offers, offering relatively high interest rates, containing mostly restraints. Properties represent an attractive alternative. Because living means life.

Housing is a basic need, and as long as there are people, the real estate market will be. For this reason, real estate is one of the few assets that accompany man through all levels of his life. Whether you are a home or for retirement provision: real estate is a special, non-replaceable form of investment. Tangible assets such as real estate are less when compared to other forms of investment such as stocks affected by economic or stock market fluctuations. A square foot is still a square meter in 20 years.

The stock of real estate in Germany has reached a value of approximately EUR 8 billion. About 17 percent of them are held by investors for investment purposes. A 25 percent increase is expected by the year 2015. Real estate future and promised to increase in value. In their 15-year history of the company, the MCM investor Management AG specialized in real estate and suitable knowledge to accompany investment in real estate as a holistic process. Thus, they offer maximum benefits their customers. So are investment products that are unique, efficient and especially exercised in their effect. This will require an economic expertise. The sachwert – and future-oriented investment MCM LIFE-FLEX is already the third edition of a very popular consumption law participation. A form of investment which is characterized by security, return and future orientation and for the investor offers the highest flexibility – regardless of its Life situation and its individual needs and objectives.


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