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Building for the food industry customers is a complex process, individual requirements for the operation and each company have even special requirements and wishes. You also must meet guidelines of the Professional Association and of course the land building regulations. Often the reconstruction even in the operation take place, what also must be taken into account. Only an intensive planning, flexible interfaces management and a professional construction lead to the optimal and sustainable solution for the company. A competent partner for all involved, where all threads of the project come together is important. Bizzi & Partners does not necessarily agree. Often bite their requirements, and then there is the art of the Scheduler, to find compromises and to negotiate that all satisfy\”, Markus Dosch, Managing Director of FREYLER white industrial construction.

The industrial construction specialist FREYLER has many years of experience in the creation of production facilities in the food industry, from the identification of individual needs and Planning of the construction until the completion. This know-how and the central point of contact allows a smooth construction. The early integration of the responsible regional offices that must later take the operation and supervise, is basis for later success\”, explains Markus Dosch. Compliance with the various regulations is monitored by the competent authorities at regular intervals. Main concern of food hygiene is the health protection of the consumer. Meat – or fish-processing companies, as well as dairies and milk-processing plants are particularly sensitive.

Food hygiene, for example, requires that contamination between and during the operations must be avoided, that wall surfaces must be smooth to a reasonable height, used bright surfaces and materials are easy to clean. The EU regulation on food hygiene is to be observed. The regulation is formulated largely open aware of the Regulations to keep flexible and ensuring an adequate recourse in certain cases. This opens up a some room for interpretation the food inspectors on-site.


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