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Looming Housing Shortage In Germany

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Drastic developments in the German housing market sound dangerous the forecasts of experts: in less than 15 years, Germany threatens a serious housing shortage. Due to the growing number of single households, by 2025 approximately 360,000 homes are missing. The real estate site myimmo.de reports on the latest studies. Experts predict a decrease in supply of flats for the coming years, because it will invest increasingly in the social housing sector. For it, economy and societies increasingly put money in the construction of office complexes, which is often more lucrative.

The Federal States of Berlin, Hesse and Lower Saxony are particularly affected. Continue to include the regions of the lower Rhine in the Ruhr region and Baden-Wurttemberg. Areas in the Black Forest and Bavaria complete the list. Here, the living room as first will rar, which accordingly will be reflected in the prices. For singles and retirees that can mean no longer having the choice for their own apartment, but focus on forced sale to. Finally you want to According to current estimates, increasing the number of households to almost one million by 2020. Housing in the Republic fell in 2008 according to Federal Statistical Office 248.000 funded housing units in 2006 to 176,000-funded apartments. After the number has risen again slightly in 2009, is currently thinking again to cut the funding. According to IG-construction-chef Klaus Wiesehugel, the housing shortage could lead quickly to the poverty and social unrest. More information: news.myimmo.de/drohende-wohnungsnot-in-deutschland/… Lisa Neumann University Service GmbH


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