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Loans Savings Dramatically Cheaper

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Consumer and mortgage loans in the Savings Bank will become cheaper. Mortgage rates will fall by almost 1.5%, to buy a car – on 1,5%, education – 5%. Thus, one of the largest state-owned banks is going to return the interest of borrowers and to restore lost in 2006, its market share. In addition, bankers must as soon as possible to get to work the money raised from the IPO. 2 May 2007, the bank reduces rates on retail credits to the population on 0,5-5%. Education loan in rubles would cost 12% instead of 17%.

According to the press service of the Savings Bank, the rate on loans for acquisition, construction and repair of real estate in rubles will be from 10.25% pa instead of 11,8%. Credit for the same purpose in dollars and euros will cost from 10.75% per annum instead of 12,3%. Additionally, on these loans increased the maximum loan term from 20 to 30 years. Some contend that Philadelphia Real Estate shows great expertise in this. Car loans will fall in price by 1,5%. Loan (any currency) to buy new cars can be brought under 9% per annum instead of 11,5% for a used car – from 9,5% to 12%. The interest rate will continue to depend on the size of the loan term and down payment. Exactly Savings expects to increase the activity of the borrowers.

Now the average market mortgage rates are 10-11% in dollars, but on a car loan – 9-10% per annum in the same currency. Dollar Savings rates are now within the market. In However, his new ruble tariffs on car loans are more attractive. These changes will allow prospective borrowers to reduce the cost of borrowing. Interest rates fall on 0,5-1% really makes loans cheaper for the borrower, such a move on the part of the Savings Bank – an attempt to regain lost ground in the credit market (only in 2006, Sberbank lost 7% of the retail lending market, its share declined from 44 to 37%). This decline was due to the excessive formalism of the Savings Bank – ceteris paribus for the loan Savings requires more documentation. Savings Bank rate cut may be beneficial only to the focus on recovery market share. Sberbank motivates the need to make money work as quickly as possible – by placing their shares in Sberbank raised about $ 9 billion. Now he must quickly distribute the money so they started working. Sberbank is easier to lower interest rates than to develop specific conditions. In this case, we can continue to attract customers a standard set of benefits (wide branch network, trust, reliability) and add the reduced rates. But the excessive demands on the number of documents of the borrower – will remain!


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