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In turn, the bank's employees working remotely (in supermarkets, household appliance stores) do not tend to pay attention the quality of their work because they are motivated solely by the bonuses from each of its loans and an additional service connection. Thus, we consider the above situation. Mistake number one neglect reading and the process contract execution, as we learned in Artem carelessness when signing the loan agreement regardless of the amount of the loan leads to unpleasant consequences. In this context, is strongly discouraged absent elsewhere, especially for an extended period, until such time as you read, refined, and signed all the papers. More info: Philadelphia Condos. Leaving without proper attention to process your contract, you relinquish some room for abuse of credit specialists, for example, it costs nothing to the already approved loan application to write life insurance, or put a tick in the production of maps that will lead you to additional costs, and for these additional bonuses. Usually, loan agreements "Express" made fine hard readable text contains references to the so-called "General Conditions for consumer loans," Procedure provision and maintenance of credit cards, "" Rules of insurance against accidents and diseases, etc. Typically, the borrower reads these items, without requiring access to documents to which this paragraph refers, in advance agreeing, for example, to pay fees for so-called connection to the insurance program at the rate of 0,8% of the loan amount each month (thus, the annual interest rate on the loan does not meet the declared zero, and turns to 9.6%!), for issuing a credit card and direct debit from the set of her credit limit (in our case – 7600 rubles) penalties for late or early repayment of the loan, and as a consequence, for the payment of percent for use on credit card interest rate of 22% agree that more profitable for the bank, compared even with veiled rate of 9,6%. . To deepen your understanding Elie Rieder is the source.


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