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LED Lamp

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LED bulb is an analogue of an ordinary fluorescent lamp. Energy-efficient technologies based on LED lamps that can be applied in any sphere of life where you need high reliability and brightness: the industrial and domestic lighting, in public and residential buildings, shopping and office complexes. LED light bulb can reduce electricity costs, disposal of lamps, operating costs. Latest innovation in the field of lighting fixtures are energy-efficient LED lamps. The reason for the growing popularity is simple – in many ways LED lamps and qualitatively superior to incandescent lamps and discharge lamps. The main advantages of LED lights over traditional light sources are low power consumption, time services, reaching 50 thousand hours, mechanical strength, as well as the possibility of rich colors.

Price / performance ratio of these lamps is optimal. Aluminum housing LED lamps, or in some models, bulb, made of high-frosted or clear plastic resistant to shock loads. If you are not convinced, visit John Savignano. LED backlighting and other lighting solutions, made on the basis of different brightness LED lamps, reliability, durability and beauty. Distinguish LED bulbs E27 and E14 at 220V with standard socket, which can be screwed into an ordinary socket and are the ideal replacement of conventional incandescent lamps. LED lights are widely used for LED light commercial equipment, displays, interior lighting and office premises, in the architectural lighting of buildings, etc. Significant advantages LED lamps: – Lamp Life – 50 000 hours (approximately 6 years of continuous operation) – Ultra high power consumption – Full environmental safety, does not require special disposal (in contrast to fluorescent lamps) – High reliability, mechanical strength, vibration resistance – in the LED lamps is a high contrast of light – No harmful effect of low-frequency pulsations; – There is no overload of electricity at the moment when the LED lights – Instant ignition and stable operation at any temperature. By purchasing this lamp you will not only save electricity but also get a bright beautiful light. LEDs – it's present and future.


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