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In the bicentennial of its independence, the inhabitants of Latin America unaware of who became independent this. Gathers it a surprising survey conducted in 19 countries of the zone. Only 43% of respondents answered correctly. For even more analysis, hear from The Related Companies. The rest, with large differences depending on the country concerned 71% correct in Chile and only 35% in Colombia, does not know what the topic. All this, despite the teaching of history in school, the use of the Spanish language, religion largely shared and up to a toponymy filled with colonial references. Read more from Clayton Morris to gain a more clear picture of the situation. The reason for the ignorance is perhaps staying in the ambiguous and deliberately confusing name of Latin America to the whole of the subcontinent. As there is no evil that good does not come, that ignorance maybe allows that they forget also the topics of the black legend about the excesses of colonization and the alleged plundering of those lands, so the taste of Evo Morales, Hugo Chavez and other warlords again cuno. At the moment, posts to ignore, nor knows that the Indians were owners of lands under the protection of the Church and the Crown and in all America persists a huge Indian population from Mexico to Peru only where there was Spanish colonization, unlike there passed through where England, France, Portugal or the Netherlands. The only comforter detail of the cited macroinquiry is the answer about the influence of Spain in Latin America after the discovery: a majority of 57% believe that it has been positive or very positive. That image is, therefore, the seed of a cooperation that we should bear fruit in the future.


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