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Altina Magalhes Coast In election times is basic that the school looks at for this phenomenon that also involve to all children and adolescents whom not yet age has to participate. This ‘ ‘ olhar’ ‘ it must happen in the direction to contribute in the formation and information of its public in regards to importance of the participation of the people in this process in a democratic society, taking the pupil to understand that when voting the voter has that to have conscience and to act with caution, of responsible and multicriteria form. To vote is a citizenship act that makes possible the choice of representatives who go to make and to execute the laws that can re-echo in the society of positive or negative form. The society makes use of diverse resources of the media, is interesting that the school uses these resources to facilitate to the pupils the information on the subject and the transformation of this in knowledge so that is made a work come back toward the reality of the pupils. In this it is considered use of magazines online where the pupils can be guided for the professor to sail in the virtual space in search of sites and links on the subject. The same the substance of the magazine has as starting point Science Today untitled ‘ ‘ It is Time of Eleio.’ ‘

Of authorship of: Keila Grinberg. The work developed in classroom having as didactic resource Magazines on line objective to promote an ample research on definitive subject providing an innovative education through an adequate aiming in order to allow that the pupil acquires expression and thought freedom, since the mentioned resource and subject promote the construction of the knowledge. For the optional activity Magazines online of the Course of Medias in Education Basic Module Material Printed matter was made a navigation in the indicated sites in order to choose a news article to be argued in classroom.


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