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For the individuals a peace situation is a situation of good things, a positive value not necessarily in compliance with the order legal, but satisfactory to its immediate and mediate interests. The exercise of these interests, however, must be commanded in the life in society so that a situation of peace, exactly egoistic, if preserves as expression of a collective value. When this egoistic peace if distance of the common values, it is breached peace between the individuals, demanding itself a reply of the legal order, of the State, for its reestablishment. Thus, in the perspective of the individual that has violated its rights, an occured time the breaking, if does not reconstitute the peace from a situation of good things and this can reflect in its life in society and on the proper legal order, demanding the state intervention that always is objected as a bad thing. This individual perspective is intrinsically tied with the individual perception of Justice, that in the extremity is exerted and kept coercitive by the State. On the other hand, if the peace is egostica for the individuals separately, in society it is not the rule, but the exception. The spite of the legal order, takes advantage in the relations in society a natural and hobbesiano state of constant conflicts for scarce goods on a peace that if must construct, then, in collective competition. In the life in society, the war and the peace, and its situations of accomplishment, do not costumam to be judged as final, intrinsic values, but as instrumental or extrinsic values, therefore they are established in the beginning of that the ends justify the ways, ' ' it is on the basis of such judgment that nor always the war is the convict, nor always the peace is exaltada: the conviction or dither depends on a judgment of positive value or negativo' '.


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