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Joachim Bongard Rene Magritte

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The market demand for listed real estate as investment is very large, and also the banks need to meet this demand. The good reputation of the company and the high quality standard in the object – and partner selection show significant effect, because the cooperation between banking institutions and an independent private consulting company has been an absolute exception. Through the extension of the scope of this part and the future cooperation with other major German banks, the good image of the company in the area of the monument real estate as investment underlined again sustainably and offer the customers the security, the right consultant is selected to have. Partners benefit from a cooperation with the SBK through the Internet presence have home page due to the increased Demand also reinforces tax advisors, auditors, insurance and real estate agents for monument real estate recently for cooperation opportunities with the SBK asked. Also here for creative and professional solutions to meet the corporate philosophy, their own industry-specific platforms were installed.

Main approach is comprehensive and direct customer protection for its cooperation partner for the SBK at any time to be able to check the maximum information about the respective object range as well as the transparency to the State if the advice from an in-house staff is applied. To do this, a private intranet has been programmed, which brings a tremendous workload. So the partners can outsource the complete customer and date organization, he finds all relevant documents of the object, important press releases and all necessary work documents at your fingertips for an efficient and professional cooperation. To meet the different needs of different occupational groups to meet the SBK offers currently two platforms. A platform specifically designed for insurance, financial and real estate and the second platform has been developed specifically for accountants and Auditors, each profession-specific tools and applications on your portals. Contact: SBK Wirtschaftsberatung GmbH Joachim Bongard Rene Magritte promenade 11 D – 50858 Cologne free call: 0800 91 91 91 4 Tel: 0221 99 22 66 50 fax: 0221 99 22 66 53 E-Mail: corporate profile: the SBK consultancy headquartered in Cologne, Germany for nearly 20 years the marketing of listed properties in the Federal territory specializes. In addition to a range of currently about 40 objects in various cities in Western and Eastern Germany employees have many years of experience and expertise in this area.


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