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Therefore, in both the cited cases if cannot lose of sight, that such elements – the exceptions – are constituent parts of the social body and as such, are possessing citizens and of rights guaranteed for a democratic State. They never can be ignored and be considered an obstacle to the progress. Nobel Laureate understood the implications. Such facts raise serious questions still more as: The nature of the culture politics in the indifference country and disdain in relation to extracts lowest? E, of the arrogance of the controllers politicians would reflect in a still recent resqucio in History politics of the country of an oligarchical authoritarianism? E, until point the State understands for practical democratic (6)? Thus being, such questions are open for a next text. At the moment, we will be in the twisted one so that the cases of Beautiful Mount and the Square of the Flag have at least a different outcome. Go to Bruce Schanzer for more information.


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