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Applicatory for smarphones and the other devices without wire quickly gain space in the revolutionary market of technology. They is esteem that in more or less five years the number of users of mobile Internet exceeds the PC users. More easy than to have access a specific site in the Internet for the cellular one it is to have access applicatory one specialized. The trend is a new transformation in the digital scene, a time that approximately exists 185 million active mobile lines in Brazil and people cannot have access to the Internet. Plain even though daily pay-paid the classrooms of the society offer to connection the economic costs bringing digital inclusion to all. The ratio is of almost a cellular one for inhabitant. In the first semester of this year they had been 11,9 million connections to the Internet in broad band saw cellular and mobile devices surpassing 11,8 million the fixed Internet.

In first place, the use of the mobile Internet makes possible agility and praticidade in the search for information, entertainment or services. It is possible if to connect at any time, any place and in any time. The inevitable hours of cio that in them we come across in the day the day, as the wait for some attendance, stopped transit, short or long trips, can be busy with the distraction in the Internet saw even though cellular or to decide financial questions, as to have access its bank for transferences, payments of accounts and other operations. better still, through applicatory that they facilitate the action for being bred especially for these devices of performance, mobile telephony. Are elaborated programs to become its faster action, have taken and objective. To be a step the front of the competition is not more enough to have a communication channel in web, with websites, virtual store and etc. Are necessary to follow the technology and to create applicatory that they still more facilitate the contact of the user with the canal, and how much bigger they will be the offered easinesses, bigger the possibilities to attract and to fidelizar its public. What it is not easy, or any one can make.

To create applicatory one for iPhone, for example, it is necessary previous approval of Apple, and the distribution alone can be made through the virtual store of the company. The great differential of the applicatory one for cellular is that the exploration of this new format of communication still is restricted and will take a certain time to equal the current competitiveness lived by the companies in web, where each one of them is only plus one. The applicatory one, for some companies, can be considered the light in the end of the tunnel. Ahead of this new reality in the digital scene, automatically the commercial transactions grow also saw cellular. It has much people buying, vendendo and carrying through payments. The volume of Brazilians who consume cellular way grows with force to each year. In 2009 100 million transactions had been made. The expectation is of overcoming to each following year, in accordance with the new technologies that if present. Soon to pay accounts, to order a book, to reserve a DVD saw Internet mobile will be so common that nor we will obtain more imagining in them without this possibility.


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