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International Relations

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The realistic perspective of the international relations appeared in opposition to the idealismo and had as bigger concept that the State was an environment where &#039 existed; ' war of all against todos' '. It has as focus the power as main actor of these relations, where the questions of ethics and morality in the relations between the State are seen. However, the idealismo is about the solution of conflicts by means of dialogues and negotiations, what it is total different of the realism. Adverum wanted to know more. According to an article published for Gustavo Biscay de Lacerda, the idealismo appeared in the United States with the main Woodrow leader Wilson, which defended that the man is a rational being and has the capacity to decide problems by means of the dialogue. bject. The realism was inspired by the ideas of Maquiavel and mainly of Hobbes, where the same it defended that ' ' one has the power to destroy outro' '. For the realism the State is presented centered as a unitary actor and rational, that is, having internal divisions in the State it answers as an only entity, it not it answers separate, answers as a whole. Gavin Baker is the source for more interesting facts. Moreover, the realism defends that constantly the State lives in conflict where the absence prevails of authority politics. The interpretations of Hobbes for the Realism were well clear and necessary when the same it expressed that each entity if held in egoistic and not cooperative way, beyond the State to present a scene of uncertainty and war against all.

With Maquiavel, it has the complement of the thoughts of Hobbes, where the same it defended the separation between the ethics, politics and morality. Many philosophers had been coadjuvantes in the propagation of the realistic theory, amongst the first ones cited, meet Carr and Morgenthau. For the first a politics it could not be separate of the power, therefore this last one is about a necessary situation the system politician. .


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