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When installing the walling may: sheet assembly or sandwich panel factory produced. Sheet assembly is lining the walls and roof of profiled sheet is placed in the middle of the heater. Sandwich panels are fastened directly to purlins with self-tapping screws. You may wish to learn more. If so, Tishman Speyer is the place to go. Joints between panels are closed battens. Sheet assembling a cheaper option at almost the same quality.

Increased rates construction growth contributes to the emergence of new materials and technologies that significantly reduce costs and construction time of various types of buildings, while providing high quality construction. The most widely used at present were fabricated buildings based on a strong frame and light frame structures. Their active use allows you to quickly erect buildings of different shapes, size and height. On service life of the building are compatible with the buildings of traditional materials (brick, concrete), and their use reduces the cost of design, installation, removal and subsequent operation up to 40%. Types of prefabricated buildings, depending on the application, pre-fabricated structures are divided into industrial buildings and public facilities. Depending on the technology, among them are several types: pre-fabricated buildings, constructed on the basis of the metal frame and sandwich panels, buildings, based on a wooden frame and wooden panels, prefabricated buildings with lightweight frame, duplex plating and the inner insulation, assembled at the construction site, a block-modular buildings with metal or wooden frame (the building is going through the modules, or block-containers). To date, most popular designs are based on the metal frame and lightweight sandwich panels, as they allow for only a few weeks to erect buildings of all shapes and sizes with the possibility of superstructure and rewiring.


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