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Innovation Gone Wrong

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Potential for innovation in other sectors find and systematically implement with INNOWAVE the Fraunhofer IAO a new approach for the early stage in the innovation process developed. The idea is to look for pulses or new product features in ancillary disciplines and systematically implement. Many roads lead to innovation. To its own innovation pipeline constantly to fill, should companies pursue not only the occurred paths in the innovation process, but more often try to get led astray to the target. Because only someone who dares to look outside the own box, takes a different angle or creative infidelities taking, encounters impulses, ideas and solutions that have the potential to create unique selling proposition in the own environment. But the search should be carried out systematically according to external sources of innovation, otherwise it leads to the sidelines. Currently, so-called cross-industry innovations usually without specific procedural models and methods are being realised.

The existing approaches are not widespread and is based on a rather”reactive” guiding principles: for specific technological problems is sought in other industries after analog solutions. The disadvantage: the external impulses come only in the detail of the product concept. But why should companies use only the possibilities of transfer of know-how features, if they are already restricted by the limit of technological issues? Why should you have to forgo to the creative potential of other industries in the early stages of the innovation? The INNOWAVE approach developed by the Fraunhofer IAO closes this gap and offers companies the opportunity to take advantage of the potential of branchenfremder innovations already in the early stages of the innovation. The method follows the principle systematically and proactively exploit creative infidelities. It used also the creativity and know-how of other industries with a high degree of interaction. INNOWAVE is based on a four-dimensional model of decision with the Plains transfer and search box. Control and level of interaction, source of innovation and maturity of the innovation contribution.

Innovation leaders and strategic decision-makers can using this model in the planning phase are the crucial issues and on this basis to develop a systematic search strategy to ancillary contributions of innovation. A detailed representation of the INNOWAVE approach is available as a PDF. This, as well as more ways to more and better innovations by impulses from outside discuss international experts from industry and academia on April 5, 2011, in the framework of the forum open innovation the next wave? in the Stuttgart Institute Center of the Fraunhofer-Gesellschaft. More info tim/730-innovation on abwegen.


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