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Inheritance and Property

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Creditors may put forward their claims within the time limitation. Prior to accepting the inheritance, they can be made executor of the will or available at the estate. Recall that the general limitation period is three years. And it is not subject to interruption, suspension or recovery. No circumstances are not good reason for delaying the return of the debt, which passed by inheritance. What is the procedure? If, during the partition of the inheritance disputes arise about who is owed the heirs, you should remember about pre-emptive right some of them on certain property. For example, if the heir and the testator had the right to the common ownership of an apartment or other indivisible thing, that the heir has a preferential right to receive specified things on account of his hereditary share. And regardless of whether the use of the property other heirs.

The same applies to the heir, who always enjoyed an indivisible thing, which is part of inheritance. In the division of property it has a preferential right to receive on account of its share in this thing before other heirs, who have not used it or were not parties to the common ownership of it. If the The estate includes a house or apartment, part of which is not possible, the heir, who lived in this room on the day of opening of the inheritance and has no other housing in the section have a preferential right to of the premises on account of his inheritance.


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