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Infrastructure And Land

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In mostly land under horticultural associations were allotted in Soviet times, when agricultural lands are used in accordance with their name, so gardeners are often isolated inconvenient – wetlands, flooding plots. When choosing land on it you need to pay close attention, because high water table implies the need for drainage, bank filling of soil, there are difficulties with the arrangement of septic tanks, wells, require additional expenses to the foundation. Furthermore, the high groundwater level entails the dampness in the area, resulting in the house constantly wet, accelerating the processes of decay and mold, all the warm Season pestering mosquitoes. Information about the flaw site you can learn from their neighbors or by their appearance – a marshy vegetation at the site (horsetail, willow, willow, aspen, birch), level, tilt-area array surrounded by deep drainage ditches. Transport accessibility – is satisfactory, from 1 to 5 km from the highway is basically a broken asphalt, macadam or hard, clearing snow is not regular. Bus stop – not always within easy reach. In recent years, most of the dacha has protection as a guard, sometimes chop. Infrastructure are maintained by forces and means of land owners with varying success, this is largely dependent on the organization and activity of members of the cnt chairman. Very common situation when one of the members of the cnt wants to improve the overall infrastructure and is willing to pay money for it, and another part "and all so happy," though after upgrading roads and installing bins use this everything.


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