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Impact On Real Estate Market

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Impact on housing market crisis in its manifestation has changed the rules of the market. Each bank or firm providing real estate services trying to survive and avoid bankruptcy. In the major cities in Russia every year bought and sold a large amount of housing that is growing every year in the price. 2009 was no exception to the global crisis, which caused a big downturn in the housing market. Hear other arguments on the topic with John Savignano. But the market in addition to problems with the crisis increased fraud and real estate, which was seen a very large number of black brokers and con artists. Banks have ceased to lend, because they can not insure and guarantee that the transaction will be cost-effective and will bring the interest rate. Against the background of the crisis, new fraud schemes with zhilem.Odno of species was that the people offered to take a loan to buy a flat at a low interest rate on mutually beneficial terms.

But the interesting thing is that people did not get a loan previously had to pay the initial cost of the apartment. To know more about this subject visit Professor Rita McGrath. Later, after the issuance of the loan made by frozen down payment for an indefinite period. In order to prevent any type of fraud which must comply with the recommendation to buy or sell an apartment, so as not to lose money or an apartment. What main problems can be for example when buying a property in a new one. Disruption developers deadlines home and registration of property rights. Delay time putting the house can be more than one month, and not one year.


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