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Hurricanes In Cuba and Florida

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Hurricanes or tropical cyclones are the most dangerous weather events affecting Florida and Cuba. Despite heavy security measures taken are the cause of human losses and frequent cause material losses whenever one directly affects the island, or even when not directly hit pass close enough to cause strong tides or heavy rains. Hurricanes have caused natural disasters with the highest number of human casualties of those who have records on the island: – & n bsp; the hurricane of Santa Cruz (1932, still not given names) with more than 3000 deaths and “Hurricane Flora (1963) with around 1500 deaths But they are hurricanes, how often they come to Cuba? Hurricanes are low pressure systems with strong winds that rotate counter to the clockwise and toward its center and can reach speeds of over 300 km / hour with devastating effects. They arise as the season in the Atlantic Ocean (43% of total) or in the Caribbean Sea (57% of the hurricanes) and move westward so their paths often lead them to the Caribbean islands, the coast of Mexico on the Caribbean and Gulf of Mexico or the United States , especially to Florida and Gulf states. Cuba is located in a place of frequent path of hurricanes and is affected on average one every two years in the past two centuries (from 1800 to 2004) have beaten Cuba a total of 109 hurricanes, 28 of them Category 3 5, considered destructive. Classification of hurricanes Hurricanes are classified into five categories based on wind speeds at ground level, the categories on the Saffir-Simpson scale are: – & Category 1: 119-153 Km/h- & nb sp ; Category 2: 154-177 Km/h- & nb sp; Category 3: 178-208 Km/h- & nb sp; Category 4: 210-249 Km/h- & nb sp; Category 5: over 250 km / h when are more frequent hurricanes? Hurricanes are strong seasonal phenomena, the season officially runs from 1 June to November 30, in Cuba the most dangerous months are October followed by September, August and November.


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