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Among the waiting, which have embarked on a housing allowance of up to 1 March 2005, interest in for compensation of housing programs funded and growing as the opportunity provided by this category of citizens, can not wait for the approach of social housing, and use their savings to purchase housing through subsidies, or installment payment of social mortgage. This is motivated by the desire to accelerate the solution of the waiting list the housing issue through the use of accumulated funds, instead of having to wait in 15-20 years approach their turn. Only in the west of the capital last year, such programs have chosen 800 families waiting. But compensatory government programs involve a number of limitations. For example, now living areas waiting list are offered in suburban towns – Podolsk Chekhov, Lyubertsy and Mytischi. And the prospect of an apartment from the state in the mass building in the suburbs and not all are satisfied. Waiting list, have taken the housing allowance of up to 1 March 2005, is particularly convenient to participate in the program "Housing move ', because they are able to obtain from the state subsidy for the purchase of an apartment, which is one of the most attractive forms of assistance, and to choose the apartment and area of residence.

The program "Housing move 'will carry an interest-free financing the purchase, fix prices and create favorable conditions for further calculation. Benefits of participation in the program "Housing step" for both categories are waiting in the fact that the program makes it possible to stay profitable, thanks to the accumulated funds for the entire period waiting in the queue for social housing. This allows us today to improve their living conditions and thus be able to better the further accumulation of funds. These funds can be used to participate in one of onerous government programs (for the category 1 waiting list) or a home purchase in installments without% on the program "Housing Step" (both categories). In this case the family is not removed from the housing account and lives in improved conditions, while remaining in the queue for social housing. The program also allows participants to choose the apartment and area of residence. The program "Housing move" offers the opportunity to stay in the waiting normal conditions, while continuing to be on the books in anticipation of social housing. In this program participants over time also have the opportunity to solve their housing problem, thanks to interest-free Financing for the purchase and favorable conditions of residence.


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