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You decide to buy a house in a newly built cottage. You were attentive, and studied the documents and listened to the advice of independent experts. Made to the contract terms, as protecting your interests as well as described in the article "Buying a house with a plot in the cottage." You signed a contract with the developer funding the construction of a cottage and gave the money. And the house is built, and the developer says that comes to renting operation, measurements and BTI dooformlenie missing documents. Now we need to take control of the process. In an industry where the real yield is between 200% and more, we should keep an eye on, especially since the money you already paid, but no property rights have not yet purchased – just claim, but also must be able to claim.

What you need to find a builder? Made a division of a large area into small cottage community? Obtained in a separate site area, which is described in your contract: land area, its shape, the yield on the intra-road location in relation to the outer boundary of the site and so on? If the selection has occurred, you must present an extract from the cadastre, which consists of the forms B.1., B.2., B.3., B.4. Here you can be sure that the site is really the desired shape and size. After that, ask the builder of the presentation of certificates state registration of the builder on site with cadastral number, which stands in the extract from the cadastre. Now we should ask the builder a question: when would be a contract of sale Plot? Most likely you will say that simultaneously with the signing of the Transfer Act in the House. There is nothing wrong, just then it should be clarified in what stage are the documents at home, as well as that of which there are The developer that is ready to show you. "Cheap and cheerful" or "Expensive, but safely?" Seeing and holding the hands of the documents, you can proceed to sign the transfer deed to the house, contract of sale of land and The act of transfer of the land.

But first you must decide in what form will sign these documents – in a simple written or notarial. If you choose to form a notary, the notary will again look documents. The treaty will not allow non-legal terms that violate the law, will confirm the transaction and the identity of citizens, its perpetrators, establish the legal capacity of legal entity will be able to testify legality of the transaction in court if a dispute arises. Notarized the deal much less contested. Copies of all documents of transaction will remain in the affairs of a notary and will be kept forever, which means you will always have another a place where you can get them in the event of their loss. Notary services cost money. And the theme at least for safety and cleanliness of deals worth paying. Developers usually do not have anything against transactions in notarial form, but never agree to participate in the cost of the notary. Question: "Who pays for the notary?" Is not worth it. Who needs Pays


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