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House Decorating for Holidays

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Want to get advice on how to decorate the house on the eve of the holiday? Give advice. Make the composition of the eggs and floristic elements. This composition can be done with children. Out of it, it's easy! A child and you will enjoy co-creation. Since this wreath consists of 6 eggs in their blowing and coloring can take the whole family. with sprigs of this wreath will be a terrific decoration for any room. Materials and Tool 6 raw eggs. Gouache paint mixed with pva glue, or tempera. thin brush pva glue wire length 70cm (diameter 1mm) 8 beads (beads can be replaced with decorative buttons or small colored yarn hanks) diameter of 2 cm 4 bead diameter of 3.5 cm more decorative twigs (eg ruskus, willow twigs, fine branches of synthetic material) wire for attaching ribbon, 1 cm long (the width of an arbitrary) pliers match thread details are available by visiting the master-class home-made.


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