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In all of this cost of building houses of laminated veneer lumber is 50% higher than the cost of building a dry profiled bar. Again, the use of dry details of a guarantee of high bearing capacity of the structure. The low percentage of humidity is a guarantee slight shrinkage of the house, and the quality of timber processing and absence of cracks affect the aesthetic characteristics of future housing. The basic operational and aesthetic characteristics of laminated veneer lumber is given by parameters as the number of splices in length, the adhesive composition, quality and number of lamellas (sawn vertically arranged parts of the trunk), hygroscopicity (the presence of excess moisture in the wood). Wood, humidity less than 18%, if not treated in a special way, is beginning to gain moisture from the environment, dry shaped beam on the gathering and does not give moisture, thus providing less time "getting used to the conditions environment. Experts recommend using laminated board, the joint maximum of two or three lamellae. Technologically easier to produce, dry and glue the thin slats, rather than fat, so domestic companies mostly produce them out of thin material, and he is considered low-grade. In addition, the number of splices is not regulated.

For this reason, very often the house, built from laminated veneer lumber Russian production, it looks spotty, since the paint softwood has sharp transitions from light yellow to orange and vice versa, and bonding and splicing of a large number of parts in one log (more than three up to six) makes a colorful timber. It should be noted that the bonding can be done on the basis of three kinds of adhesives: pu (polyurethane), pva (polyvinyl acetate) or muf. We note that our manufacturers are not testing the strength of gluing, guided only by their own attitudes, in contrast to the Finnish manufacturers. Finnish manufacturers use special regulations on which the adhesive strength of the structures determined by strict Standard: Mark J on the standard sfs, the relevant European en 1940 and prEN 385. And another important point – environmental requirements for adhesive joints.

Under the existing classification they fall into dangerous, unfit for residential use (marked as FC2), a potentially dangerous (FC1) and is completely safe (FC0). In adhesives safe class average formaldehyde content should be less than 0.5 mg / liter. According to the method jas maff, considered normal formaldehyde content of substances in the wood no more than (FC0) 0,2-0,3 mg / liter. It is not hard to guess that the better characteristics of the adhesive and it is safer than the higher its price. Using the construction of dry-profiled bar removes a lot of questions and doubts. The composition of the array is homogeneous, there is no need to doubt what's inside. Clay in the production is not used, but it's 100% ecological purity of the finished product. Also, do not need wary of posting elements that often occur with poor laminated veneer lumber. Price of dry profiled bar with all of this is almost 2 times lower than the price laminated veneer lumber. Currently, more and more developers, including professional builders prefer it to this material. "Price – quality is optimal. Home from the dry profiled bar is very modern, they look great, well hold variations in temperature, which is very important for the regions of central Russia.


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