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If you have not had luck in selling your home after a reasonable time, you might think about renting it, every time the price of rents is rising while increasing the number of tenants. But if the market does not have a great recovery in the coming years – which I doubt will happen better find someone who not only wants to rent your House, also buy in the future. To do this, you and the tenant may sign a lease with purchase option. In exchange for a slightly higher price, the potential buyer will have the option of buying your House at a predetermined price. Providing an option means that you will probably find the cherished tenants, who seriously considered the possibility of buying. These deals also attract people who really want to buy, but can not at this precise moment for some reason, such as the need to save for a down payment, a divorce or a recent costly foreclosure. Often, these people are willing to pay a little more to buy some time to restructure its economy, while living in the House who think buy.

Although rent to people with problems can seem risky, often the reality belies it, especially if they had a good payment and credit history before they faced financial disaster. The number of people suffering from financial problems is growing on a daily basis, but I do not see many contracts of rent with option to buy, perhaps because many homeowners don’t understand business, when it normally is a winning proposition for the seller and buyer. They are simple formalization contracts, although it is good to hire a good real estate lawyer to advise us about potential dangers and dispel our doubts.


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