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Periodically turning off the heating element and including that in turn supports desired temperature in the room. Equipped with some instances of a fan for fast heat in the room. In addition, the heaters have a good security system: shut down, if there is an obstacle to Release the air in the fall, and in contact with the heating element outside predmetov.Teplovye fan heaters, as heaters are available with closed and open spiral. In order to quickly warm room, using forced air circulation. Accelerate the heat transfer of air fans axial (eg, fans Innovent firms) that do not require large heating elements and as a consequence of this are small. When you save power and at the same time opportunities for small size is an open spiral, which become heated to high temperatures.

Large temperature gradients, convection currents in premises, all fees for heating rate and the compactness of the unit. Available in models with removable filter, which is responsible for the misses on a hot dust spiral. Many heaters have multiple speeds and heating levels. It is also possible to use the device in automatic mode, thanks to the thermostat. Overheating sensor is used to disconnect from the network in case of critical temperature, which is responsible security appliance.

There are models with rotation and tilt housing, with stand and legs. In summer, turn off the heating if it is possible to use as a regular ventilyator.Teplovye guns Heat guns, these are the same heaters, only great power. They are used to heat large buildings: sheds, greenhouses, garages, and are used outdoors. Heat gun with a closed coil can be used indoors without ventilation or poor. Produced heat gun and an open spiral. Required electrical network capable of supporting a large capacity. Such models are not recommended for use in areas where people are a lot of time. Also, the gun can be equipped with a thermostat to protect against damage, overheating and vibratsiy.Teplovye curtains Air curtains on the basis of his work similar to the heat guns and fan heaters. Due to the flow of narrowcasting air creates a barrier to the penetration of cold air from the street. The veil also protects the building from falling into the smoke, dust, insects, along with air and various zapahov.Maslyanye Radiators Oil Coolers are not very high temperature of its surface, up to 80 degrees. As a result, do not dry the air and on this parameter are in first place among all the heaters, but have very large dimensions. So before you do choice in favor of the oil cooler, consider its location. Oil heaters have different design and capacity. Electrical Safety – off overheating and overturning. As with all heaters, has heat setting – a timer that allows you to work the radiator program.


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