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As Captain Jack Sparrow in the GLAST race in Bodenmais Regensburg (tvo). Luis, 8 years old from Nurnberg, the boy with the pony hair, wears hard on his oversized blue plastic bag. Which he extra brought from home, to also recover his treasure. Luis in search of precious stones in the Crystal World Joska Bodenmais has traced 15 sparkling semi-precious stones and minerals. Swarmed by offers, The Related Companies is currently assessing future choices. Here’s where the Bavarian Forest is at its most beautiful, directly on the glass road, one of the most fascinating roads of Germany.

But, as with any successful treasure hunters, that the kids have no later than by Captain Jack Sparrow from Pirates of the Caribbean”learned, heard always do a certain amount of distrust of strangers who could compete for the treasure one. So: The bag the treasure safe remains to. The dad stands next to it and is very proud of his son. He has not also shown the treasure me. “But he did a great job.” In the summer months, many children and glass turns along the glass road.

The Gem search action field by Joska, the kids on the hunt for hidden minerals and semi-precious stones such as agate, Rose Quartz or Amethyst, is doing so with the most valuable”among the many different adventures, which are organized for children until September. Bumper cars or archery, Tower slide, glass painting, Indian tent or climbing, a professional magician, or a scavenger hunt around the theme of glass – children are the biggest for Sylvanus-chef Josef Kagerbauer, 48. in 2003 he took over the operation of his father, since then known mainly for glass work in a converted several thousand square-foot Crystal – world of experience. My main concern was: I want to seduce our visitors with emotions. We need to do for the next generation”Kagerbauer explains in an interview, especially during the summer months, we are geared to families with children.” Two years it took, until the families have accepted the new offer, the now powerful successfully has embarked. 850,000 visitors come every year. A trip to Joska Bodenmais is worth for the whole family: dad must have your meal in the cosy beer garden, MOM can shop relaxed and is always available for the kids. One of the most exciting is that glass blowing an irrigation ball for the home garden bed. Transparent glass is melted in the 1,220 degrees hot oven, then each child can determine the color granules with the pattern in the glass is fired. And if the glass maker be okay, the children in the Blowpipe may blow and inflates the hot soft glass. Once the glass is cooled down, the children receive their self manufactured ball. To get information about the glass road at, Joska Bodenmais, and children’s Museum Furth im Wald,.


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