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Higher Nervous Activity

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But rumors that using this method You can turn a man into a zombie, devoid of rational meaning. A group of independent scientists, after a series of experiments that proved the existence of analytical tool in the centers of the human brain, which tests the whole, the information. This same protective mechanism allows or denies access of information to long-term memory. And why not make a man do what he wants, with what it unconformably subconscious. And that is why, in the experiment by Dr. Waikerie, only 50% (not 100%!) Increased sales of popcorn and cola. All other participants in the experiment, they just do not like. In our country research this area were conducted at the Institute of Higher Nervous Activity and Neurophysiology, ussr Academy of Sciences and the Military Medical Academy in the early 90's.

the last century. Based on multiple experiments, scientists have made an unequivocal Conclusion: The method is completely safe for human health (both adults and children). It was also noted that when using the 25-th frame in the training program improves memory, increases reading speed, increased attention and vitality. The method has no age restrictions, but not recommended its use for children under 12 years old and people with mental illness. If we talk about learning a foreign language with the help of 25 fps, the best effect is achieved if a person really wants to learn the language, his desire and aspiration to true. Filed under: Electron Capital Partners. But even if the language you do not really want to teach, you lazy, then in this case, the method effective. Why? After all, we talked about that if people do not want to do anything, then you can not get it.

Yes it is. You can not make a person commit a crime or any act, which unconformably his subconscious. But deep in the subconscious lazy people necessarily have the desire to learn, to the knowledge of something new. Only need to awaken him with what works fine 25-th frame. In the subconscious of a person kept all that he once saw. And when repeated many times (as in this case), the information mastered the subconscious, firmly in it stronger and then output to the level of consciousness using certain techniques. For learning are very lazy people, this method will not work because the classes should be regular (daily, at least an hour). For other people, this method is just a godsend. It allows you to take a short time a huge amount of information without much effort. Undoubtedly, the application of 25-th frame in learning a foreign language is noteworthy. There are a number of advantages: very fast, without any zubreshek, you can learn a lot of words. But to master the language to perfection is not enough. You must be able talk to your chosen for the study of language. What good is that you know a lot of foreign words: they know how to pronounce, write, read, and can not communicate? Therefore, the training program should include itself as a method of 25-th frame (for memorizing vocabulary) and "live" communication in the target language. And better, if this communication will occur with people who are native speakers.


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