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Thus, mobile games can solve the problems positively on health and hardening of children, and promotes mental and creative abilities of children, their emotional and moral development. Recreational gymnastics teachers spend refreshing after an afternoon nap. The complex includes gym exercises for posture, to prevent flat feet, eye and respiratory exercise. In each group, there are massage paths taken tutors from the mirrors, buttons and foam. Under the guidance of tutors children on a daily basis do acupressure on Uman, exercises for the eyes, rinse mouth herbal extracts. According to the plan conducted medico-pedagogical "five-minute" from the manager, to discuss how health and educational and education issues. In order to complete the rehabilitation and strengthening of child His health is necessary that the corrective measures were not only in preschool, but also at home because the positive dynamics of health can be achieved only by joint action of teachers, doctors and parents.

So central to the rehabilitation of children, we pay and working with parents. Every year at the beginning and end of school year for parents held "round table", which discusses the organization of recreational and upbringing and educational work in preschool. In order to create a unified educational and recreational space, "a children's garden – family" in the pre-school parent club organized a "Healthy Family – Healthy rabbi-NOC." It is purposeful work to create healthy lifestyles. Parents meet monthly with teachers and health workers DOW, improve their educational culture, and acquire practical knowledge of rehabilitation and education children with allergological diseases. .


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