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Some describe salons as places with arrogant, rude or inconsiderate staff. Why is E Salon different in this respect? First of all, hair salons are a reflection of their leaders. You do not have team members rude or arrogant – is rude and arrogant owners. Hairdressers globally, actually Humanity globally wakes up every morning and wants to give the best. Then go to work and are rude only because they are not appreciated or lack self-esteem. It is the duty of all leaders who are dedicated to your team and inspire your team to cooperate in a spirit of harmony. The only reason for our success is because I dedicate it to my computer.

I made a promise long ago when one of my team members leave, they leave a better human being and a better hairdresser. It’s easy to blame our team members to make mistakes and for not being good enough. But I can assure you that if everyone, including owners, realized that the person before us in the mirror was responsible for the situation in our life, then this industry, let alone this world would be a more important . I can train my people to see themselves as truly great human beings, and in doing so they will see greatness in everyone else. I promise to give them an extraordinary life and that is what my purpose is. Members of my team are nice people and the most remarkable people I know.


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