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Great Universal Brotherhood

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Studied, knew and admired the peaceful struggle and traspartidista which combined political and spiritual figures such as Luther King, Gandhi or the Dalai Lama, marked his life and helping to define one of its main objectives: "to develop compassion for all beings and live and spread universal love "I think another fact that helped define your search was social mobility Tijuana. On the one hand, I saw very poor people, marginalized and hurt who was passing the border daily with the hope of improving their situation, converging with the Hippie movement which represented the counterculture of "love and peace" that opposed the war, materialism, dehumanization and the opulence of the region was still very young Californian concern to embrace their spiritual self, but he lived an internal vacuum caused by a materialistic society precisely what was rejected SER. This leads him to a very early age in ways that responded to transcendental identity. As he says, he worked on the different alternatives in their teenage years had on hand, went through Taoism, Catholicism, the Great Universal Brotherhood, the Krishna, Masons or Rosicrucians being many others, always hoping to fill the existential void. But in the end felt was more "empty" and the bitter experience of seeing their friends were stuck in these way, without finding the desired response. Search within the academic programs offered by the schools, concluding that the spiritual path could not be learned there. The school as it was presented was simply not the place to grow internally.


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