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Gothic Style Interior

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Experts called the Middle Ages "ringed eternity", leaving the world enduring cultural values. That's why spirituality of Gothic style, his striving upward, its dematerialization even through 5 centuries continues to occupy the minds and excite the heart. Conditional styles interior styles can be divided into contemporary and historical styles. The Gothic style – a historical style interior features of which are due to absolutely certain historical era, the Middle Ages. That era has formed a special type of personality. The farmer, Burgess, artificer, who firmly believes in the afterlife and diligent labor, are courageous people who are not afraid death stoically endured all the vicissitudes of fate.

The Gothic style – the style of a complex psychological state. He became the epitome of the entire period of the Middle Ages in the understanding of modern man. Church of those times was so orthodox, that is completely rejected human beginning. In the fashion was all disembodied, high – elongated proportions, not the slightest hint of the severity of gross matter. There is a need for a new type of church – airy, ephemeral high, where people would feel a grain of sand. Incommensurable with the man the space of the cathedral, the verticality of its towers and arches, the subordination of architectural sculpture dynamic rhythms, multi-colored radiance of stained glass had a strong emotional impact on believers. Like the cathedral and secular buildings skyrocket, seeking closer to heaven – there steeples, towers and arches. Learn more at: Elie Rieder. Suspended ceilings in the rooms high.


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