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Gothic Garden Design

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Garden designed in the Gothic (romantic) style, a new trend of European fashion. In place of incomprehensible to Europeans the Japanese meditation garden styling came a new style, endowed with a similar philosophy to us. Garden – A memory garden – History: generosity and extraordinary finesse accompany this style. Can not say that gothic gardens – an absolute novelty, since This styling can be found in many romantic parks, such as Arcadia, Mon Repos, Ermenonvil. But use in private areas of her started recently.

Garden harsh northern romance, has a mysterious aura of "old" park – is gaining more fans. Lyrical atmosphere creates an artificial neglect: moss-covered rocks in the wild pond neighborhood vegetable aristocrats, such as roses, lilies, clematis, with plebeian goutweed and ; forged bench with whips thrown grapes; brier thicket. Constituent elements are the trees of unusual shape, glacial boulders, secluded corners. Deliberate ceremonial pretentiousness decor gives way to natural dark virgin, creating a whole range of sentiment. Often used rarely and almost lost techniques in the design, such as earthen benches, grottos, arbors rotunda, ornamental flower gardens, sacred gardens. The starting point for creating such a garden on private land may be the original style of architecture of the house.

Gothic, Romanesque, Classical facades of the houses are a good prerequisite to the choice of the romantic style in designing. Ideal terrain for such a garden would be a large area with rugged terrain and the existing old forest plantings or adults. The big drawback may be that such a garden is the fruit of long and laborious creation involving Professional and nature. Full decoration it reaches 5-7 years of development. Sure, it's a very expensive exercise, primarily due to the large amount of materials used, the nobility of products exclusive components of elitism and plant age. The advantages of this style include decorative garden throughout the year and the invisibility of neglect. And it's more than important for our district and traditional distaste for weeding. And only you can decide whether to create a garden – family legend.


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