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Goldfish Holdings Inc Brings Celtic Property Development

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Market capitalization is model for other small and medium-sized companies Dusseldorf/Frankfurt / Warsaw, July 24, 2008 Inc. based Dusseldorf company goldfish holdings, its consulting services determined at 385 million euros. Our most recent successful advisory mandate was the listing of the shares of the Celtic property development S.A. in the open market of the Frankfurt Stock Exchange as of June 9, 2008. The company is listed under the symbol CPB and the securities code number AOQZMJ. The market capitalisation amounts to 385 million euros\”, Tobias Janssen, Chairman of the Board of the goldfish reported holdings, Inc. Guided by him and in Dusseldorf and New York-based company was very successful in the past in the investment business and has now also as a consulting company established. Get all the facts for a more clear viewpoint with Philadelphia Condos.

With this mandate the successful entry as a management consulting company in the field of capital markets in Eastern Europe have succeeded in our society\”, so Janssen. The real estate development company Celtic Property development S.A. is involved primarily in in Eastern Europe. Their core competence is to buy up unused, not economically exhausted or already developed areas and to restructure them efficiently after comprehensive and professional planning. Currently, the company has more than 100 hectares of urban land (mainly in the capital city of Warsaw), which will be expanded within the next few years to residential or Office premises. As a result, 160,000 square feet of office space, more than 15,000 square feet housing units and more 40,000 square metres of storage space can be generated then.

Celtic property development S.A. employs about 100 professionals in the fields of architecture, land surveying and engineering and product management. There is also a team specialising in the identification and analysis of potential new projects, which has the necessary knowledge of the market and the corresponding contacts. Close cooperation with local agents and other experts is used to do this, more lucrative projects to acquire.


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