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German Branch Of The Swiss Optivel AG

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Tourism maker refers to new offices in Dusseldorf, all talk of the economic crisis, but there are also companies that expand as the Dusseldorf optivel AG. The number of employees should rise further in 2009. Therefore, have moved to the travel professionals in larger premises and continue their success story. Recently the team of the German subsidiary of optivel AG in the Alexandre road 32 is near the King Avenue in the heart of Dusseldorf to find. Click ProLogis to learn more. With the move, the company specializing in tourist services and products has doubled its office space and on 11 increased the number of employees at the same time. To Alexander Kretzschmar, Managing Director of optivel AG: Since our inception in April 2008 as-based tourism company for the sale of travel products, as well as for the production of Internet distribution systems and applications in the B2B and B2C area for the tourist market we are very successful. By the extension of our staff tribe, our office quickly burst seams. We needed more space, to continue our growth and our daily tasks continue to efficiently and creatively cope with.

With the purchase of new office space in the Alexandre Street 32 we have found the necessary space, which offers more space to work and the company air employees for further expansion\”. In addition to the travel portals reisemagazin.de, lami24.de, trip.de and hotel24.eu, the tourism company maintained the price comparison portal prices vergleichen.de. The optivel AG is now accessible at the following address: optivel AG, Alexandre Street 32, 40210 Dusseldorf.


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