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Garage Sale. Garage As A Profitable Investment .

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Each dynamically growing city every day faced with the problem of transport, it is related to the fact that the pace of development of parking infrastructure of the city are often significantly lag behind the growth rates of vehicles, which complicates the possibility of normal movement during the day and location of vehicles at night. High rates of "point" of building in areas with developed infrastructure of the sample of "Soviet" period, leaving many motorists last refuge – natural sites on land reserved for construction of infrastructure facilities in the remote 90 and "protracted" and their guards are always ready to look after your car for a few ducats. All this led to a significant increase in the price of the parking facility properties. According to our estimates of price growth in the sector of real estate in the garage from 2005 to 2008 was about 150-200%. In many ways, such rapid growth associated with the fact that at the beginning of 2005, only 15-20% of the owners of garages had at the hands of the legal documents drawn up in accordance with the requirements of Russian legislation. In fact, the situation changed dramatically after a series of publications on the demolition developers association with several garage unformed legal relationship that actually served as a signal happy owners "pozolotevshih" garages justified to push the price up. Buy a garage. What is the current outlook for the car owner to sleep peacefully at night? Opening Night parking areas, purchase / lease of parking in the parking complex and a garage near his home. For more specific information, check out The LeFrak Organization.


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