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A peaceful sleep for house dust allergies thanks to special mattress covers up to 2.5 million strong army of pathogenic parasites Frolics itself night after night in German sleeping and hotel rooms. The pests are not only disgusting, but what is still very much worse they can make you also really sick. Invielen cases are they the cause of house dust allergies. Severe itching or even life-threatening shortness of breath may occur. In the last few years join the number of mites whatever haufigerBettwanzen. With travelled as stowaways from the vacation, they find themselves to the “party” in German bedrooms. Their bites can cause very unpleasant, lingering for days itching.

However, gentle, practical and easily applicable protective measures can help. While the bug was fought in the 1940s and 1950s years exclusively with pesticides, are today non-toxic alternatives are available, which are still too often unexploited. Get more background information with materials from Elie Rieder. Kleencover offer service-oriented hoteliers the special extra! … and are deposited as of the competition… Mattress and pillow covers to protect against allergens and parasites. The certified bed bug mattress and pillow cases are made of comfortable soft stretch material: waterproof, breathable and impenetrable for bed bugs, dust mites, mold and bacteria. Also machine washable up to 90 and suitable for the tumble dryer.

KleencoverMatratzen – and pillow cases have both a preventative effect, but also help in attack. They protect against allergens and allow for a comfortable sleep for house dust allergy. In many popular sizes available, fit these covers on each bed and are so the safest way to protect against pathogens. They offer the possibility of free breath in each bedroom at night without coughing, itching or shortness of breath even. Responsible hotels and guest houses make it easier not only for the cleaning of the room is, but to also offer a special service for their guests. Hygienic perfect rooms in guest houses are today more than ever required. Not only people with allergies to thank dedicated operators for that little bit extra, that should be self-evident by now. Other useful information, interview requests, images and order form at or see:


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