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Foreign Real Estate Market

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Last year was not easy, not only for the real estate market in Russia and abroad. The negative trends that began in the second half of 2008 under the impact of the global economic crisis, fully raised and Real estate markets of developed countries in the economic sense of the economic situation, which seemed at the time more stable. On the other hand, with all its negative impacts, some of the processes have been able to not only destructive but also Curative effect on real estate markets of individual countries. One of these consequences has been the growing role of professional real estate service providers at a high level and better oriented to business processes and trends that show the real estate market, compared with ordinary potential buyers. For the latter, increasing market volatility and increasing unpredictability of the market dynamics are a factor influenced by self-assessment of potential risks is simply impossible. In view of these and other reasons, professional Realtors began to acquire and functions of business consultants in the field of investment processes.

According to experts, after a sharp fall in the third quarter of 2008 through 2009 there was a steady rise in consumer demand, and demand is the major investors and affluent buyers often go beyond their home country, thus allowing to speak about their diversification. At the same time offer in foreign markets was not at all consistent, real estate markets in different countries showed at times diametrically opposite trend. For example, the property markets of Spain, Latvia, and, in particular, the United States during long periods of time showed only a negative trend. While the state of the industry in Germany, France and Italy remained fairly stable and predictable. According to the absolute majority of experts constant demand to use only property in Bulgaria, which remains the undisputed leader among Russian buyers.

According to available data in 2009 and grew up rate of realized demand, characterizing the amount transactions. It grew by 70% compared to 2008, suggesting that most investors concluded that the actual or very near the market reaches its bottom, and moved to action. Also possible that businessmen and ordinary consumers are simply tired of constant tension and expectations of a collapse in property prices abroad. However, during the year there were also situations where customers are waiting for the incredible discounts on falling markets could not find confirmation of their ambitions, and they had to choose among, or other options within their budget, or abandon the purchase. Purpose, which was acquired in foreign real estate 2009, also differ from those customers who have realized their potential to the economic crisis. So, in 2009, dominated from taking up permanent residence, investment and business projects, whereas in 2008 main purpose was to acquire customers opportunities for relaxation and comfort, as well as the desire to obtain a residence permit. More information is housed here: Vadim Belyaev, New York City. According to experts, is currently the most attractive for investment remain, Latvia, Spain and the United States, where falling house prices ranged from 15 to 75 percent. However, analysts say the growth potential of these countries have, and the situation is more favorable moment for the cost of investing in overseas property.


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