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Floods Or Tears Of Poludos Rivers

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The rain, that since December does not stop to fall in great amounts on the land, said to little have to declare. It alleged that everything is consequence of the global heating and one such of El Nino (CV) or Isolated Chuva Collision (PI), I had to look for in another place. Before rain becoming more acid, loaded clouds, citizens to the rays and thunderstorms, already had alerted to me that it was hour to lock up the interview. I was in search of other main personages of the tragedies, the rivers, streams and brooks and heard terribly equal histories and very sad, I find that it would not win the challenge to write something poetical. In general lines, all had said to have been born free and surrounded for the native trees that, as careful mothers who were, kept to the springs and the stream beds to them.

Of great volume, them also they had generated its children, the fish that swam free, if fed of seaweed and planctos, a comparable harmony to the Garden of the den, the Terrestrial Paradise. Without egoism, the limpid waters and same the proper children fish served to kill the headquarters and to feed the human beings. Everything that moved in a time fraction. The limpidity of the water was stained with sewers and other toxic residues. The mother (she kills ciliar) started to be necklaces of bottles plastic on waters, muddy and now badly cheirosas. the children fish? Ah, these had died to the millions and nor turn the spotted tears its parents (rivers, brooks, streams and streams) Strangely, the naked lands where they were ciliares bushes had gained arremedos of houses almost, with barracos and huts, constructed that inside of the rivers. Drowned for sand, pollution and garbage, rivers, brooks and streams they did not have more as to contain rains. Free of the stream beds, the waters advanced for the edges, loading rats, scorpions, snakes and cockroachs, living beings that in swim remembered to the children fish.

After the edges they came casebres, with furniture and everything for the front destroyed for revolt of the inhabitants. With waves and torrents, rivers, brooks, streams e> Desculpem, I always stow here and was held. I never invaded nothing! Friends forgive, me for the poetry lack.


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