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Ferando Republic Enrique Cardoso

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One of the norms most important is ISO/IEC 17799 (Technology of the Information – Techniques of Security? Codes of Practical for the Gerencianto of the Security of the Information. Such norm was incorporated the ABNT (Brazilian Association of Tcninas Norms) and was launched, its last revision, in 2005 and defined as ABNT ISO/IEC 17799:2005. Nobel Laureate usually is spot on. Thus it is amongst these perspectives, international norms and national norms it is that it will be presented in the present workmanship main decrees and laws that Brazil they see implemented so that the usuary can use the services offered in the net in safe way. national 2.Poltica of Security of the Information Ahead of the growth of the threats and vulnerabilities the President of the Ferando Republic Enrique Cardoso edited Decree 3,505, of 13 of June of 2000, by means of which the Politics of Security of the Information in the agency of the Federal Public Administration was instituted having as objective to detach (art. 3): to Eliminar the external dependence in relation the systems, equipment, devices and entailed activities to the security of information systems; to Promover the qualification of human resources for the development of scientific ability in security of the information; to Estabelecer necessary rules of law to the effective implementation of the security of the information; to Promover the necessary actions to the implementation and maintenance of the security of the information; to Assegurar the interoperabilidade enters the systems of security of the information.

The curious one of the cited decree above is that in the same year the ISO/IEC divulged international standard ISO/IEC 17799:2000 (Technology of the Information? Code of Practical for Management of the Security of Information) subtituido by the ISO/IEC 17799:2005. Thus, perecebe that the pointed Decree was it in accordance with elaborates already the international standards that dertima in its I capitulate the three elaboration of one politics of security of information. The publication of Decree 3,505 demontra that as well as other countries the precupao of the national governments is related the Politics of Security of Information. As Augustin Denilson (Article Laws of Security of the Information) the United States ahead of such concern published a law forbidding the private companies of commercializes technology of criptografia without previous authorization. In the case of Brazil, the National Institute of Technology of the Information offered the project of Law 7316/2002? Law for the national system of digital Certifcao, the infrastructure of public keys of Brazil (ICP-Brazil), that in contrast of the United States it becomes the credencimento facultative ICP-Brazil, that is, the rendering of services can be carried through by private agencies without previous authorization of the public power. In this direction, this implies that in the case of Brazil, in comparison to the United States, if they do not have one steady politics and that guarantees a standard of common security in what says the cetificao, therefore ICP-Brazil is followed in its public scope. However, as the proper project of law exactly can be used as refncia for the certicao for agency private and not with obligatoriness. 3.Concluso 4 References ISO/IEC 17799:2000, Technology of the Information? Code of Practical for Management of Security of Information.


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