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Europeans War

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JOSE BRECHNER attacks in the Moscow metro again to warn us about the Muslim danger. A few months ago there were problems with the Uighurs, Muslims from China, the year past India was a victim of a horrendous massacre in Mumbai, and United States is the central and permanent goal of the Islamists. Russia, China, India and United States have a common enemy. If everyone come together, which is what they should do if they want to survive the greatest danger that humanity has faced, victory is guaranteed. But if each play their cards of opportunism political and economic to pleasing the Arabs, or let carry by propagated by the left-wing political correctness, you will find an enemy that increases in number and power and will cause millions of deaths. Islam has no boundaries, both Europeans, North and South American, Asian and all those that are not Muslim, are their enemies. It is not a geographical issue that motivates the Jihad, but a purely religious issue that should be understood fully. The biggest mistake that committed leaders worldwide is to separate the war on terrorism, the war against Islam and the Arabs.

For Osama Bin Laden and his countless followers and sympathizers, the issue is its antithesis. This is a religious war of Islam against the infidels. On 23 February 1998, Al – Quds Al – Arabi, a London newspaper published the full text of a declaration from the World Islamic Front for Jihad against Jews and Crusaders. The document brought the signature of Osama Bin Laden, and the heads of the Jihad in Egypt, Pakistan and Bangladesh. The text was as follows: since God placed the Arabian peninsula, created its desert, and surrounded it with its seas, has not happened in it any calamity as these hosts of Crusaders who have infested it like locusts, clogging its soil, eating its fruits and destroying its vegetation; and this at a time when the Nations face the Muslims like Diners pushing is done with a bowl of food.


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