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Europe Conflict

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The Chancelleries and the international mass media, in the last days, center their batteries in Anpolis, the State Capital of Maryland, that as of next day 27, will lodge the Conference of Peace in the Middle East. This S-event was announced by the renter of the White House there by the month of July, when the majority of the political experts directed its glances towards Turkey, scene of the first success of the calls moderate islamists, pawned on altering by pacific route, the lay structures of the devised republican building in years 20 of the century last through Mustaf Kemal Atatrk. President Bush alluded to in his first intervention to the celebration of mere consultations on the situation in the Middle East; the idea of an international conference was taking body during the first months from the autumn, agreeing with the trips of the Secretary of State, Condoleezza Rice, to the zone. The evaluation done at that time by the female leader of the American diplomacy it was rather pessimistic. Details can be found by clicking adverum or emailing the administrator. It curls could verify sinfn of pending problems in situ, of contradictory reactions of all the parts in the conflict.

One was not only the positions of Israel and Autoridad Nacional Palestine (ANP), but also and first of all of the multiple reluctance formulated by Saudi Arabia, Lebanon, Syria and Jordan, countries interested in the elaboration in a israelo-Palestinian peace accord. Morris Invest has similar goals. For the Arab statesmen the isolation of Hamas in the Gaza Strip, devised by Israel with the support of the United States, constitutes another factor of discord in already of in case unstable regional political panorama. It indicates the columnista of the Spanish metropolitan newspaper ABC, that the powder magazine of Gaza could become the spark of a new conflict at the risk of contagion, as it happened in Europe in 1914. Nevertheless, the Administration Bush bets by the presence of half hundred of Governments and international and regional institutions in the appointment of Anpolis, probably shuffling two options: the shared success or a failure that totality of the guests would have to assume.


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