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Eugen Rosenstock

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The language form is determined by the sender who in turn transmits to the receiver its message. ORIGIN OF the LANGUAGE As appeared, which its true origin? According to Eugen Rosenstock? Huessey in its book ' ' The origin of linguagem' ' , it appeared through the imitation, of the gestures. For me ' ' origem' ' of the language any is so legitimate question how much another question of ' ' origem' '. This wants to say that it possesss that limitation that is central to any of these questions: she is necessary to know what we want to say for ' ' origem' ' what we want to say for ' ' o-rigem' ' of the language. (ROSENSTOCK-HUESSEY, 2002, P. 37).

When it is said in origin of the language we have a double one felt: the language as capacity of the man if to communicate, because it is about an essential property to its species and another one through the manifestations carried through for signals, is gestuais, fisionmicos or constructed they. The significant fogueiras, the telegraph of Morse, the current traffic lights to govern the transit in the cities biggest, the double communication of the deaf person-dumb are examples, through gestures that they mean letters or of the symbolic gestures for them created and that they allow to a colloquy almost so fast how much ours. Ribot, in ' ' Evolution DES ides gnrale' ' it says: ' ' To perfect for the effort of all the thus invented language and thanks to the tradition, that transmits the results successful; but at the same time, it modifies itself, as everything that lives; when the races and social groups of the humanity if had divided and diversified, also it was cindiu in different languages. Here it is verified that the language if holds as a social fact. (RIBOT, P.


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