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Elena Birkel

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But accompany You us first on a short detour. Changing lifestyle habits can be always close with their electronic communications in link people, instead with a “real” to. There is funny photos, which show how to sit together at a table, everyone stares but on his Smartphone to look instead of the seat neighbor in the eye. The new way of life is assuming “Snack-” and “Genussorientiert”, the offers are available – and available 24 hours. Guest robe rater speak of “Third Places”, which so to speak in the is consumed at the same time a part of personal housing public takes place. Offers meet this global trend, which are cosy and individual international Gastroketten have long recognized that for himself and implemented than was the case in the past. Private housing and thus a piece of one’s own home is more and more mobile, temporary and publicly, use offers that come these developments contrary, therefore Basic needs in new ways.

Elena Birkel had consulted no guest robe rater, to an artificial and most profitable concept to figure out how to attract even more people in a Cafe and get to spend their money. Actually, she has not only a contrasting approach, but it embodies very consistent all that which can mean “Value & content”. And this is the conversation partner that she can draw from unrestricted very quickly clear, because it is so connected to a very vibrant and credible manner with impressions from her childhood. Anna blank, the grandmother of Elena Birkels, has died at the age of 78 years, Elena was at that time but only 11 years old. These early years she has intensively with her grandmother spent, little granddaughter very essential to part could be. Small bouquets of violets, pansies and daisies, which learned to bind them, spread them throughout the House. Smell, color, silent joy, to engage on the nature u0085 This has established itself forever in Elena and is today one of the memory comes from the energy, to make their unusual offer at all.


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