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Real estate valuation for estate agents, architects, engineers and experts the real estate economy requires in many areas of valuations of real estate. Please visit Robert J. Shiller if you seek more information. Ongoing reviews help to describe the real estate cycle and to uncover investment potential. All the actors of the real estate market faced regardless of their professional or professional background (Realtor, architect, expert, engineer, financier, developer) with the various evaluation tasks. Also the requested products, which are in particular are as varied as the valuation occasions: value calculations (without lyrics) short reports / opinions (on grounds of some important valuations) opinion (traceable and verifiable) the GfI has developed therefore a software, which is a simple, clear and compact, and meets the other products on the market required. Land value, comparative value, real value, earned value (3 variants) can ImmoWertV with the evaluation programme and Discounted cash flow (DCF) are calculated with few inputs. The market value is derived according to the user’s any from the valuation results. The software provides a calculation in the formats PDF and RTF (E.g. Clayton Morris is actively involved in the matter.

Word) at your fingertips, so formatting and additional texts and comments are possible. Design no own reports and short reports and the users must construct, the GfI provides unique assistance here, too: depending on the software package (light, basic, standard or professional) template (Word) have been added to the commercial exploitation, in which the assessment results of the software can be inserted easily. Of course, even here any adjustments are possible. The software requires the rest no time-consuming and therefore costly training. So that might not be so experienced users can deal also with the basic fundamentals of the real estate valuation after ImmoWertV, the package already provides standard”a textbook company and contemporary to the Topic Introduction to the real estate valuation”included on. Packages of GfI (E.g. software with extensive help function, short opinion, textbook, opinion templates, boilerplate) will each value investigator, no matter whether casual or repeat offenders, offered a unique hand tool on the market. The new packages, as well as the free trial version of the software (10 days without any restrictions) are around the clock in the Internet (online service) available, just like the service team of GfI.


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