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Double Vacuum

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This is the minimum that need to know about wood before you start the impregnation of wood in an autoclave. To obtain correct results it is necessary to perform the loading of wood in an autoclave (the same breed, one section, the same humidity – Is the perfect and the best option). Autoclave – a pressurized vessel in which pressurized fluid 10.12 kgf/cm2 the process of impregnation. The impregnation process is carried out in accordance with gost 20022.6 – 93 by way of full absorption of "vacuum-pressure-vacuum." Indicators of quality of impregnation – the biological stability of wood, the depth of penetration and absorption of an impregnating liquid. The achievement of certain performance durability of wood provided the necessary quantity of absorption (in terms of dry matter or concentrate) and a depth of impregnation. Processing technology of wood preservative under pressure – is the most promising and qualified in the processing and wood preservatives. Impregnating wood protection against fungi, mold, rot and insects in more severe conditions.

There are different technologies impregnation (impregnation) of wood. Here are the two most Popular: Vacuum – atmospheric pressure (Vac-Vac, Double Vacuum). The penetration of money into the tree to a few santimetrov.Primenenie method of impregnation vacuum – atmospheric pressure and vacuum can reduce processing time. For this method requires special equipment – an autoclave, a pressurized cylinder, where you can create a vacuum or pressure. After loading the autoclave material creates a vacuum (0,075-0,09 MPa) for 10-15 minutes, then in an autoclave, without interrupting evacuation, serves an antiseptic, and then make the pressure in the autoclave equal to the atmospheric and timber kept in the solution 5-30 min. As a result, the pressure drop solution penetrates into the wood. After impregnation in an autoclave create a vacuum drying for 10-15 minutes.

The depth of infiltration is the same as in the way of hot-cold baths to 10 mm, but the time of impregnation is reduced to 1 hour. Vacuum – pressure – vacuum (Vacuum Pressure). Used for the deepest penetration of the antiseptic composition in the timber. Depth of infiltration can be increased slightly, using the method of vacuum – pressure – vacuum. This method allows us to introduce the greatest possible amount of wood preservative at the greatest depth. It is often used for impregnation with flame retardants (flame retardants). Timber placed in an autoclave and a vacuum (0,07-0,085 MPa) at 15-60 min. Then fed impregnating solution and create pressure 0,8-1,4 MPa. Material can withstand the pressure or to full impregnation or soaking up the required depth. After impregnation of a vacuum (0,07-0,085 MPa) for 40 min for drying material. Quality of impregnating determine the sampling and calculation of the absorption of protective substance and depth of infiltration by staining wood substance itself or an indicator on it.


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