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Destinations In Sonora, Guaymas

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Guaymas Sonora Destinations Located 117 km south of Hermosillo. This town is bordered to the north, La Colorada, on the south to San Ignacio Rio Muerto, on the east, with Suaqui Grande, Cajeme and Bacum; the northwest, and southwest Hermosillo, in the Gulf of California and Empalme. Has an area of 12.208. 18 square kilometers, which represents 6. 58 of the state total. The key locations are: Vicam, Potam, Las Guasimas, Ortiz and Santa Clara.

Main Tourist Attractions The port city of Guaymas is the main domestic and foreign tourist destination in the State of Sonora. The tourist beach, is located northwest of the port, thus the region of the Bay of San Carlos and its alrededoresa and to a lesser extent Bacochibampoa Bay and Miramar beach. Guaymas has an offer of accommodation consisting of 24 establishments, including hotels, motels and guest houses, with a total 1,801 rooms. It also has four condominium resorts, two marinas with spaces to house 798 boats and trailers with 5 fields for a total of 729 spaces. The port's most famous festival is Carnival, celebrated in the month of February each year since 1888. The main points of interest in Guaymas are: San Fernando's church dating from the nineteenth century and the Sacred Heart. Sonora bank built in the neoclassical style.

The City Council dating back to 1899. The Plaza de San Fernando with his kiosk. The structure of the Fisherman (symbol of the city). The Plaza of the Three Presidents built in honor of Adolfo de la Huerta, Plutarco Elias Calles and Abelardo Rodriguez, all natives of Guaymas and presidents of Mexico.


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