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Current income Alpha analysis reveals: leader attract capital without the market leaders also continue to dominate the industry balance sheet and pull the segment as a whole in the black numbers. With the growth of the past 12 months, the Fund assets of the four major companies of 44 billion euros has risen to around 48 billion, their market share increased from 50 to 55 per cent. Visit Twin Cities for more clarity on the issue. It is clear: the bad mood has taken by far not all providers of the segment. On the contrary the leader in open-ended real estate funds have captured not only the runoff of loser year, but could tie up additional funds to. Are real estate investments unattractive? Figures confirm the opposite. Open-ended real estate funds are prophecies of doom to the defiance in the first half of 2010 surprisingly well in the race. With a net cash inflow of around EUR 2.1 billion as of 30 June 2010 they are in favor of investors after mixing and bond funds ranked three of mutual funds ahead of equity funds.

Promotes the look behind the scenes of this development However, as so often, additional insight into days. And so a very differentiated picture of the situation arises with a view on the individual provider of the segment. Because the overall positive development of the sector will not be added by far of all companies on the contrary. The four market leaders make 50 percent of the Fund’s assets the four largest provider groups, Union investment real estate GmbH (Union), DEKA Immobilien investment GmbH (DEKA), Commerz real investment company mbH (CRI) and SEB investment GmbH (SEB) bring together over 50 per cent of the total volume of open real estate funds on the scale. The remaining 14 providers need to settle with the other half of the cake. The big make the race and the overall statistics in the plus while the members of the latter group on 12-month point of view often decline or stagnation in the volume of resources had to fight and taken together by 2.3 billion euros had to accept cash outflows, recorded only four former societies Net inflows amounting to EUR 4.4 billion. A similar picture is also for the first half of 2010. The four leader could unite around 1.7 billion euros or around 80 percent of the volume of funds in during this period, in turn a significantly higher proportion than because the joint market share of 50 percent calculation would suggest. And, although the CRI falls back on the first six months with a negative funds within the Quartet.


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