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Defense Against The European Arrest Warrant

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Current collection of judgments online Dusseldorf November 1, 2010 – those who fear a European arrest warrant, has two options: he can ignore his fears and wait what happens. Or he can be active and clarify the situation. The website auslieferungsverfahren.de provides some Guide and a constantly updated overview of the case-law on the European arrest warrant. The European arrest warrant makes it easier prosecution, without a doubt. Meanwhile, he determines the everyday business of the Strafsenate of the German courts dealing with extradition. And the European arrest warrant allows now also the delivery German citizen to the prosecution in another European country.

But also against the European arrest warrant the persecuted can defend successfully. To cite just one example: even when a request for extradition on the basis of a European arrest warrant the suspicion must be tested in special circumstances exactly. This for example if the alibi put forward by the persecuted on the basis of credible testimony such has solidified that he not may have committed the act complained to him (OLG Karlsruhe1 AK 72/06). The extradition procedure is otherwise to be or to serve a sentence already imposed a formal process where a person is delivered from the country in which he resides, in the requesting country, to court. If law enforcement authorities pull over someone with an extradition procedure, they assume that he committed a crime and is behind bars. Who is affected, experiencing a true nightmare, beginning with a sudden arrest at worst. It is therefore to be important, in a timely manner and to maintain the chances. The Internet page observed the development of all the landmark court decisions. to show the equivalents in the case-law for each case whenever possible.


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