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Complete pre-fabricated buildings can easily and quickly equip them with all necessary infrastructure – wiring, heating, water and sewer system. In addition, the sandwich panel, in addition to strength and durability properties such as heat and sound insulation. More information is housed here: Vadim Belyaev. Operation of these facilities is available in a variety of climatic conditions at temperatures ranging from -50 to +60 C, at any moisture air. Reliable roof of the sandwich panels 80 mm thick can withstand snow loads of up to 75 kg per 1m2. Earthquake-resistant up to 9 on the Richter scale allows you to install pre-fabricated buildings in areas of high seismic activity. Such indicators are particularly important in the construction of gas stations, since these facilities are needed throughout the country – from the southern to the northern areas, wherever the road pass the road. Buildings filling stations are different from other structures so that to them increased demands on fire safety. Prefabricated buildings of metal frame and sandwich panels fully satisfy these requirements: paneling wall and roof panels made of corrugated board, it is not combustible and do not contribute to the spread of flame.

Serious argument in the application for the construction of gas stations frame structures has become a quick and inexpensive delivery of all components in virtually every region of the country. Convenient and compact packaging, low weight products can save on this item. Buildings of sandwich panels easily transported by road to where there is no sea or river ports, where no paved rail connections. Low weight design easy to use and when mounting structures: the object does not require specialized construction machinery, and assembly itself is done on the designer. All elements of the building are carefully checked at the factory by the control assembly, during which parts are fitted exactly to size. Thanks to these measures, the construction can be done fairly quickly, which is especially important when you need to enter the gas station into operation as soon as possible.

Placing all objects stations to be carefully considered in the design process, but in contrast to stationary objects, buildings, sandwich panels have another important advantage: as the number of refueling sites and redevelop camerawork can easily be dismantled and moved to another location or expanded by an extension of additional space. Thus, pre-fabricated buildings (sandwich panel) – the best solution for the construction of modern stations. They are reliable, durable (lifetime up to 100 years), the aesthetic, it does not require additional finishing. And the possibility of exploitation of the gas station sandwich panels in all climatic zones of our country with low transportation costs allow you to quickly and effectively solve the problem of fuel supply even the most remote regions.


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